Moving to a new house? Do it right!

No doubt, moving to a new house or apartment is bound to be one of the more stressful periods in ones life. Between worrying about logistics and taking inventory of the million or so things you own, the entire experience could escalate into something other than what you’d prefer. You need to be prepared. Now is the time to ask, “how do I move?”

Tips to reduce some of that stress

One of the major hassles of moving is the big stuff: the sofas, beds, freezers, refrigerators, you know, the big stuff. The first thing you, along with your moving crew, have to decide is how to best get them out of the house without damaging them (or the building for that matter). Then follows the tedious task of figuring out the safest and most space-efficient way to organize everything. No matter how much experience you have with this, at some point it becomes abundantly clear that without the right tools on hand, the whole moving experience is destined for an unpleasant outcome.

Take care of the big things

The best way to move heavy furniture and appliances without damaging them is a two-stage approach: first is to make sure it’s protected, and then you’ve got to transport it as securely as possible. We recommend what we like to call the "Smooth Duo" - a combination of moving blankets and FlipTite tie-down straps. And if you haven’t heard about FlipTite, read on for the best ways on how to move!

Traditionally, the big stuff is lifted (heave-ho!) by a brawny team down the stairs, around the bend, through the door, up a ramp, and into the awaiting moving van. Depending on your methods, your precious items could end up with a few dents and scratches, or none at all. Using the Smooth Duo philosophy, essentialy solves this problem. Imagine not having to worry about whether things get bumped a little during your already stressful move! Bliss!

The right tool gets the job done

FlipTite tie-down straps can be used in a variety of ways. Your first step is to wrap your furniture and appliances in protective blankets and then secure them with FlipTite tie-down straps. Once they’ve made it safely to the moving van, unleash the blankets and use the same FlipTite tie-down strap to secure the item to the vehicle keeping it in place during its journey. Because FlipTite buckles are so easy to release and reuse, the process can be accomplished in less time than it took to describe it.

FlipTite straps can stand the pressure

FlipTite tie-down straps have been designed to withstand the pressures of transportation. The sturdy engineering means that your large furniture and appliances remain secure and ding-free during transport. And if you’re worried about its longevity, you’ll be happy to hear that the FlipTite buckle is made of high-grade steel forged in the USA, and finished with a clear zinc coating. That means you’ll be using it for a very long time without corrosion. 

You and your possessions stay happy

Staying sane and making sure your heavy stuff gets moved the right way doesn’t require expensive solutions. With protective covering and FlipTite tie-down straps, you can be assured that your stuff will arrive intact and you will not only be sane, but happy! Go to for more details.